What is
an iBlock?



Put the “wow” back into STEM learning with project-based activities that engage students in critical thinking, teamwork, and fun.

An iBlock is...

Easy lift, high reward

Because iBlocks are student-led and teacher-guided, they offer a robust and creative environment for everyone. Testing, grading, and formal evaluation are eliminated, and instead, students demonstrate mastery and learning through self-evaluation, discussion, and overall engagement with the project.

An enhancement to your existing curriculum

Enrich your existing curriculum with an iBlock, or use it to kick off a STEM initiative. An iBlock is designed to supplement your instruction with content that gives students a place to invent, explore, and take ownership of their learning.

An out-of-the-box solution

Each iBlock includes everything you need to implement it effectively in the classroom, from a framework that aligns to national standards, to student workbooks, a teacher’s guide to help you facilitate, and even self-assessments to help students keep their learning on track.

Driven by design thinking

In each iBlock you’ll see a strong focus on engineering design concepts like researching, constructing, testing, evaluating, and redesigning, since an iBlock teaches students that learning is a journey — not a straight line.

Built around a capstone project

Each iBlock culminates in a capstone project that brings together everything students have learned throughout their iBlock, from their earliest research to their latest redesign.