What is an iBlock?

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Put the “wow” back into STEM learning with project-based activities that engage students in critical thinking, teamwork, and fun.

Easy lift, high reward

Because iBlocks are student-led and teacher-guided, they offer a robust and creative environment for everyone. Testing, grading, and formal evaluation are eliminated, and instead, students demonstrate mastery and learning through self-evaluation, discussion, and overall engagement with the project.

An enhancement to your existing curriculum

Enrich your existing curriculum with an iBlock, or use it to kick off a STEM initiative. An iBlock is designed to supplement your instruction with content that gives students a place to invent, explore, and take ownership of their learning.

An out-of-the-box solution

Each iBlock includes everything you need to implement it effectively in the classroom, from a framework that aligns to national standards, to student workbooks, a teacher’s guide to help you facilitate, and even self-assessments to help students keep their learning on track.

Driven by design thinking

In each iBlock you’ll see a strong focus on engineering design concepts like researching, constructing, testing, evaluating, and redesigning, since an iBlock teaches students that learning is a journey — not a straight line.

Built around a capstone project

Each iBlock culminates in a capstone project that brings together everything students have learned throughout their iBlock, from their earliest research to their latest redesign.

Which iBlocks package is right for you?
We’ve designed a variety of iBlocks packages to suit every classroom. Below, explore the Foundation Plus package (the basics), the Essentials package (everything but the kitchen sink), and then take a look at how we sequence an iBlock across several years.

iBlock Foundation Plus Package

This package lays the foundation for an enriching and successful iBlock in your classroom, and it also leaves some of the content creation in your hands. You’ll take the pieces listed below and work from there to create your lesson plans, assessments, and more. When implementing your iBlock Foundation Plus package, we’ll be onsite for a full day of support to review best practice and to help you get going.

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Includes: SkillsMatrix | Framework | Student Workbook | Teacher’s Guide + Implementation support

Essential iBlock Package

This package contains everything you need to implement your iBlock in the classroom, right out of the box. The Essential iBlock is the complete thought — all you need to handle are the logistics. When implementing your Essential iBlock, we’ll be onsite for five full days of implementation support and facilitation.

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Includes: SkillsMatrix | Framework | Student Workbook | Teacher’s Guide | Student Self-Assessment | Lesson Plan + Implementation and facilitation support

Build an iBlock Sequence

Because iBlocks grow with students, they are a great way to continue exploring skills and interests in a particular field.

Consider your school building, and the range of grades that it holds. With the option to build a multi-year sequence of iBlocks, you can provide PBL content that expands and connects student learning across your building.

Here are some sequences that we recommend:

Elementary to Middle to High School
Building Literacy series

  • Storytelling Through the Ages
  • Create a Short Story
  • Design a Comic Book
  • Develop a Play

Elementary to Middle to High School
Robotics series

  • Robotic Field Day
  • Robotic Amusement Park
  • Robotic Assembly Line

Elementary to Middle to High School
Space Systems series

  • Light and Shadows
  • Create a Model of an Eclipse
  • Mars Colony: Engineering Expedition
  • Engineer a Telescope

Want to see what it’s all about?

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