Think Outside of the Box!

We’ve teamed up with Rube Goldberg Inc. to create a series of Rube Goldberg Machine iBlocks that turn play and invention into lifelong skills. Rube Goldberg Machines are silly, complicated, and wacky inventions that perform a simple task like flipping a switch or pouring a bowl of cereal.

To give you a sneak peek of what the Rube Goldberg Machine iBlocks look like, we’ve created a sample design challenge that shows you how they use the Engineering Design Process to engage and encourage students to problem-solve through innovation and invention.

Use the form to download your iBlock design challenge and receive:

  • 48 pages of sample content describing the iBlocks PBL process
  • Sample matrix of skills and concepts addressed in the iBlock
  • Sample student workbook and teacher guide
  • A sample module from the lesson plans, self-assessment, and evaluation rubric

Contact us to purchase the full Rube Goldberg Machine iBlock and take your ideas to the official Machine Contest!

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