iBlocks Online Support

iBlocks Online is here to support
you every step of the way!

We offer complimentary implementation and support with the purchase of an iBlock. This includes a launch call, an introduction to your iBlock and a walk-through of the iBlocks Online platform. Our team is ready to assist, coordinate, and guide your iBlocks experience.

With your purchase of an iBlock, our Implementation Specialists are ready, to help familiarize you with your iBlocks, to assist in developing your strategy, and troubleshoot any issues or concerns that may arise. Feel free to contacts us today to discuss suggestions, concerns, adjustments, feedback, and your overall experience with iBlocks.

We are standing-by to provide hands-on guidance that is tailored to meet your school’s needs. Together, we can develop a successful launch and completion of your iBlocks project-based learning experience.

Need Support? Have questions about iBlocks or need assistance, let us help!


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