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PBL experiences in half the time

Rube Goldberg Machines Express

The world’s most popular iBlock is now fun sized!

The joy of discovery and the thrill of hands-on learning is the same, but the structure and activities are abridged. Purchase the Rube Goldberg Machine iBlock and receive the Rube Goldberg Machine Express along with it.*

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What makes it different?

Express iBlocks make PBL even more accessible, ensuring that even educators with limited time can guide students through a robust, but economical, PBL experience.

We’ve gone ahead and saved you the trouble of editing down content for time. When you order the Rube Goldberg iBlock you’ll receive the Rube Goldberg Express as well. Simply follow the Express route and you’ll be able to deliver a rigorous PBL experience in half the time!

Suggested Materials

The suggested materials list has everything students need to become inventors – an assortment of consumables that will get their creativity flowing.

Suggested Rube Goldberg Materials

Who can benefit from an Express iBlock?

Perfect for educators short on time, the Rube Goldberg Machine Express iBlock was designed to give students a fantastic project-based learning experience in a short amount of time.

The Rube Goldberg Express is adaptable and ideally suited for:
• Summer Programs
• Afterschool clubs
• Enrichment programs
• Introduction to PBL methods

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*Rube Goldberg Machine Express is not sold separately

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