Can you use your iBlock in a remote / hybrid / blended learning classroom?


iBlocks are built to be flexible and adaptable, so they make a great solution for teaching in an environment that’s remote, blended, or hybrid.

Here’s some ways to adapt your iBlock to your learning environment so it meets your unique needs, strategies, and goals.

iBlocks are organized by phases that correspond to the Engineering Design Process.

Here’s how each phase can be taken from an in-person experience to a remote or virtual one.

The Research & Planning Phase is all about students gaining background knowledge and brainstorming new and innovative ideas for their projects.

  • Conduct web and scholarly research from devices at home
  • Brainstorm ideas independently or through shared collaborative spaces, such as virtual breakout sessions

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In the Design & Construction Phase, students put their ideas into practice and bring their designs to life.

  • Blueprinting and CAD designs can be done at home
  • Depending on the objectives, construction can occur remotely with consumables, or in the classroom with additional technologies

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During the Testing & Learning Phase, students investigate the functionality or effectiveness of their projects and make improvements as necessary.

While testing procedures depend on designs and desired outcomes, students can analyze data and feedback anywhere — on a group call, in a shared doc, and more!

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After all their hard work, it’s time for students to present and display their final product during the Share & Showcase Phase.

In lieu of an in-person event, record a speech, create a virtual exhibit, or even film a commercial to post online. The possibilities are endless!

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In addition to leading with STEM, iBlocks encompass many other components to further support students and prepare them for the future.

Transferable Skills

With the goal of developing transferable skills that will sustain students throughout their lives, this iBlock engages students in the design process, ensuring that they build proficiencies around critical and inquiry-based thinking, problem solving, communication, and decision making.

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Advanced Literacy

An array of advanced literacy styles and techniques is included in every iBlock. To promote academic success, and encourage diverse spoken/written communication in increasingly diverse ways, this iBlock contains suitable vocabulary, writing prompts, discussion starters, and pitch and argument crafting.

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Social & Emotional Learning

Social-emotional learning is intrinsic to every iBlock. While students engage in their challenge, they will be prompted to assess their performance, talk about challenges they faced, learn how to overcome them, and build resilience. In addition, students will build teamwork skills, learn how to give and receive peer feedback, engage in responsible decision-making, and build effective communication skills.

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Want to see what it’s all about?

In our sample Rube Goldberg iBlock, students dive into STEM content as they experience the engineering design process first-hand. Their work culminates in the creation of their own chain reaction machine that pulls together their research, guides them through the design process, and fosters important skills like critical thinking and problem-solving.

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