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Here’s how we create an Essential iBlock.



Each iBlock title in our library comes with a wealth of materials to make implementation a breeze.

This includes paper copies of each material listed below as well as student and teacher access to our online delivery platform, iBlocks Online.

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The Skills Matrix

The creation of an iBlock starts with the skills matrix. The skills matrix is a crucial point in the process because it provides the structure for the entire iBlock, defining the goals and expected outcomes.

During the discovery phase, we’ll listen to your interests, ideas, and goals. We’ll define the primary goal and outcome of your iBlock, and then design the skills matrix to go along with it.

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Included in an iBlock Foundation Package


The Framework

With the skills matrix as a starting point, from here we’ll build your
iBlock framework.

The framework creation brings the skills detailed in the matrix together within the context of the projected outcome. It also provides the details of each step of the Engineering Design Process in the form of modules.

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Included in an iBlock Foundation Package


The Student Workbook

With the skills matrix and framework in hand, you can either choose to develop the rest of the iBlock on your own, or commission Teq to create the next part of an iBlock: the student workbook.

The student workbook is meant to be a companion for students as they work through each module of the iBlock.

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[+] Implementation


The Teacher’s Guide

With the student workbooks created, we’ll then develop a teacher’s guide, which is meant to assist educators as they facilitate their iBlock.

The teacher’s guide mirrors the student workbook for each iBlock module, and contains helpful guidance and tips for teachers.

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Included in an iBlock Foundation Plus Package
[+] Implementation


The Student Self Assessments/Rubric

With the skills matrix, framework, student workbook, and teacher’s guide in hand, most educators feel ready to facilitate their iBlock. However, if you’d like to continue developing your iBlock with Teq, we can create the student self-assessments/rubric.

The student self-assessments/rubric are created as a way for teachers to gauge student understanding as they record and reflect on their iBlock work.

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Included in an Essential iBlock Foundation Package
[+] Professional development and implementation/facilitation support


The Lesson Plan

Finally, the actual lesson content is created in the shape of lesson plans. iBlock lesson plans include a lesson description, desired outcomes, classroom activities, and more.


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Included in an Essential iBlock Foundation Package
[+] Professional development and implementation/facilitation support


iBlocks Online

iBlocks Online is the digital companion to our original iBlocks PBL workbooks. It’s an easy-to-use platform that allows students, teachers, and administrators to implement unforgettable PBL experiences. Teachers can follow students’ progress, leave feedback, manage classes, assign work, and help where necessary. Students can use the platform to record information, iterate ideas, log progress, interact with their teacher, and more.


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iBlocks Online

Collaboration with Us

Our implementation and facilitation support can help ensure a successful outcome for your students.

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Enhanced iBlock

Imagine an iBlock that spans across grades and evolves with your students as they learn and grow. With iBlocks, you have the ability to adjust, modify, or extend your project over time. If this sounds like an option you’d like to explore, please contact us to discuss!

Infinitely flexible

Your iBlock is always ready to evolve to meet your needs. At any point you can:

Extend your iBlock with more modules and more content.

Adapt the primary or secondary subject focus of your iBlock.

Expand your iBlock to follow your students to the next grade.

Upgrade your iBlock package with additional collateral like lesson plans, rubrics, and more.

Adjust your iBlock for a different grade band, or a different length of time.

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