Engineering for Hazardous Weather: Taking Flood Control to New Heights
iBlock Objective:

When most people think about weather and climate, they immediately check the news or their favorite weather app. Is it going to rain today? Will there be flooding? With the threat of severe or hazardous weather, it is important to consider what we can do to protect ourselves, our homes, and our communities. With a focus on flooding, it is our mission to determine how best to protect and preserve resources, people, and communities during times of severe weather. How would you tackle the threat of a flood? In this iBlock, students will consider how and why floods form as well as specific areas of concern. Students will then engineer a lifted house or system to best prepare for, and protect people during severe flooding conditions.

  • Grade Band: 3-5
  • Primary Focus: Weather
  • Secondary Focus: Engineering
  • Additional Foci: Advanced Literacy, Transferable Skills, Social-Emotional Learning
  • Possible Suggested Technologies: 3D Printer
  • Related Industry Sectors: Engineering & Architecture


An iBlock matches skills to standards (like Common Core or NGSS).

Here is a sample content standard for this iBlock:

Make a claim about the merit of a design solution that reduces the impacts of a weather-related hazard. (3-ESS3-1)