Designing a Board Game
iBlock Objective:

Board games are experiencing a tremendous revival, fueled by new styles of gaming. A shift from luck and conflict to strategy and cooperation has brought new players into the genre. In this iBlock, students will plan a game, research game mechanics, design their play area and pieces, and then determine how to play-test their creation. Finally, they’ll examine how to package and publicize their game, and maybe even present a sales pitch to interested buyers.

  • Grade Band: 6-8
  • Primary Foci: ELA, Engineering
  • Secondary Foci: Art, Marketing
  • Additional Foci: Advanced Literacy, Transferable Skills, Social-Emotional Learning
  • Possible Suggested Technologies: 3D printer
  • Related Industry Sectors: Arts, Media, & Entertainment; Marketing, Sales, & Services


An iBlock matches skills to standards (like Common Core or NGSS).

Here is a sample content standard for this iBlock:

Demonstrate persistence in developing skills with various materials, methods, and artmaking approaches in creating works of art or design. (NYS Learning Standards for the Arts, VA. Cr2.1.7a.)