Design Your Own Escape Room
iBlock Objective:

Escape room games are a fun amusement, but they also provide an opportunity to explore the history of new gaming formats, problem-solving skills, and even storytelling. In this iBlock, students will learn more about the history and culture of this “new” form of entertainment, and then plan, design, and construct their very own!

  • Grade Band: 9-12
  • Primary Focus: Design Thinking
  • Secondary Focus: Problem Solving and Engineering
  • Additional Foci: Advanced Literacy, Transferable Skills, Social-Emotional Learning
  • Related Industry Sectors: Design, Cryptology

Here is a sample content standard for this iBlock:

9-12.CY.4: Evaluate applications of cryptographic methods.

Breakout EDU

Escape Room iBlock now with Breakout EDU

Breakout EDU provides an opportunity for students to play active roles in their classrooms. Watch engagement soar as students become immersed in the game – asking questions, solving problems, and participating in group discussions.