Create a Video Game
iBlock Objective:

Within the last 40 years, video games have been an essential part of our media entertainment. From arcades to home consoles, and now to our smartphones, video games have found many outlets in which new audiences can be reached. In this iBlock, students will create their own compelling video game from start to finish using Bloxels, and then create their own official video game reviews.

  • Grade Band: 6-8, 9-12
  • Primary Focus: Literacy
  • Secondary Focus: Engineering Design
  • Additional Foci: Advanced Literacy, Transferable Skills, Social-Emotional Learning
  • Required Technologies: Bloxels, Makey Makey (extension only)
  • Related Industry Sectors: Arts, Media, & Entertainment


An iBlock matches skills to standards (like Common Core or NGSS).

Here is a sample content standard for this iBlock:

Determine the key ideas or conclusions of a source; trace the source’s explanation or depiction of a complex process, phenomenon, or concept; provide an accurate summary of the source. (Next Generation ELA Standards, 9-10RST2)