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ASSET Tech Conference 2023

Teq is proud to be a featured sponsor of the 2023 Annual Association of Suffolk Supervisors for Educational Technologies (ASSET) Conference. The conference, in its 23rd year, hosts educators, administrators, principals, superintendents, curriculum associates, technology directors, and more. We are so excited for a full day of informative sessions, keynotes, giveaways, and exhibitions. Get excited, as we have a ton up our sleeve for this year’s ASSET Tech Conference.

Exhibition details

The 2023 ASSET Tech Conference will take place on Monday, March 13, 2023, at the Huntington Hilton in Melville, NY. In addition to being the special Golden Ticket sponsor, Teq will be showcasing all the fabulous edtech we have to offer at booth #56 in the exhibitor hall. Additionally, the conference will be hosting keynote speaker, Dr. Catlin Tucker for a special session.

Win a golden ticket!

Grab your chance to win a special golden ticket with Teq, as we are proud to be a sponsor of a special giveaway. Make sure to keep an eye out as we announce the winners from 8:10am-8:15am EDT in the Ballroom and find out if you will win a special prize.

What Teq will bring

We are thrilled to be showcasing top-notch edtech products and solutions such as: Formlabs, KIBO, KUBO, pi-top, Veative, and Dash by Wonder Workshop/ Additionally, learn more about our online professional development platform, OTIS for educators, including courses on topics like SEL, PBL ENL, STEAM, and more. Grab an iBlocks Pathways Catalog and check out our iBlocks project-based learning experiences that focus on delivering content with a student-led and teacher-guided approach. We cannot wait to speak to educators and presenters from all over at this year’s ASSET Tech Conference 2023. Come say hi, stop for a chat, watch a demonstration, and even grab some of our free swag. Make sure you connect with us online! Don’t forget to tag us in all your ASSET pictures on social media – links below. We’ll see you there!
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